“Fighter” Gas Lighters

Wow, I just found out that there are Indonesian gas lighters that are branded fighters with good quality, I’m sure my friend is also new to know this fighter brand of gas lighters? Well, I will review this Indonesian gas fighter lighter.

Based on the history and background of this fighter lighters made by PT. Lintas Cindo Pratama which was established in 2007 based in Surabaya and was founded by Mr. Jhon Herryanto, who initially aimed to build a bridge between the countries starting from Indonesia with China and did not rule out the possibility to further expand the network with various countries. Actually, PT Lintas Cindo Pratama does not only produce one brand of matches but there are several other brands such as Sonic, Terra, and Razor that sell various kinds of lighters such as lighters, gas stoves, coal lighters and flashlight matches. has obtained SNI and has met ISO standardization, but here I am only reviewing the fighter brand which is indeed a fighter brand which is one of the company’s flagship products.
Back in the initial review, this match lighter was very oriented to quality and customer satisfaction and based on the principle that “Standard is not enough”, all of which were proven through a number of their products, by paying attention to every detail, for the convenience of each user, not as with other match brands.
Here are the advantages of gas fighter lighters that make it different in terms of several aspects:

· Quality Standards

1. The flame height is more than 100mm for matches that have gas settings
2. The volume is more than 85% of the volume capacity of the fuel tank
3. The installed tank & seal must be safe to withstand gas leaks or at least not exceed 15mg / minute
4. Chuck is able to hold the position of falling + – 1.5m without causing the tank to break
5. Able to withstand temperatures of 65 ° c for 4 hours

· Other aspects

1. Continuous product innovation, which is in accordance with the wants and needs of the market
2. Some products that can be used for marketing activities of a brand, or branding activities
b. Two color choices; black and white
3. Better quality of fire coals
4. There are many choices of products, with varied prices and very affordable
5. Original gas flame made in Indonesia
6. Has received SNI certification (Indonesian National Standard)
From a number of these advantages, the match Fighter believes that it can fully get a positive response in Indonesia, by bringing the spirit of “turn on the best things”, for the realization of this nation’s love for domestically-made products.

Now what do you think, this Indonesian gas fighter matchstick is pretty good right? So, from now on, we will switch to using gas fighter matches, which not only emphasize the comfort, but also the security of their customers, or if you are interested in becoming an agent or reseller, you can go directly to the official website at http: // fighters .com, I think so many of my reviews about Indonesian gas fighter lighters hopefully can add insight about Indonesian products that are of good quality and not inferior to products from abroad, thank you hopefully useful …

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