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The picture above is one of the products produced by PT. Lintas Cindo Pratama is engaged in trading specifically in Surabaya-based gas lighters. Lighters Gas Fighter Indonesia was founded by Mr. John Herryanto with the aim of building bridges between countries starting from Indonesia with China and not closing the possibility to further expand networks with various countries. For the foreseeable future Indonesian gas fighter lighters will lead to the manufacture of new types of lighters and will continue to innovate.

History of PT. Lintas Cindo Pratama

Our company was established in 2007, precisely in the fourth quarter where at that time our products from the Sonic brand were superior products because they had the quality and needed by consumers. Before the birth of the Sonic brand, we had a chance to sell matches with the Harbin brand. Low quality lighters at very cheap prices. However, because we are oriented towards quality and customer satisfaction, we create Sonic and Fighter as our superior products.

PT. Lintas Cindo Pratama has several patented brands, including Fighter, Sonic, Terra, and Razor. Some of these products have obtained SNI and have met ISO standards.

In addition, the company sells various types of lighters such as stove lighters, gas lighters, coal lighters and flashlight matches. Every product we create has different uniqueness and advantages, with good quality control, and in accordance with the Indonesian National Standard (SNI). The company also strives to stay focused and innovate on product quality and customer service.

Lighters Products PT. Lintas Cindo Pratama

In fact, some people have a negative view of products made in Indonesia, especially based on aspects of quality and design. This company is very excited to erase this negative view, through a number of products that they have produced so far. And this is what makes the residents of PT. Lintas Cindo Pratama is different when compared to gas lighters in general, as follows:

Continuous product innovation, which is in accordance with market wants and needs.
Some products that can be used for marketing activities of a brand, or branding activities. Printable with two color choices; black and white.
Better quality coals.
There are many choices of products, with varied prices and very affordable.
Original gas lighters made in Indonesia.
Has obtained SNI certification (Indonesian National Standard).

In addition to the differences above the population of PT. Lintas Cindo Pratama also pays attention to the standardization of quality matches, including:

The height of the fire must be more than 100mm for matches that have gas settings.
The volume is more than 85% of the volume capacity of the fuel tank.
The installed tank & seal cover must be safe to withstand gas leaks or at least not exceed 15mg / minute.
Matches must be able to hold the position falling + – 1.5m without causing the tank to break.
Able to withstand temperatures of 65 ° c for 4 hours.

Well, after we find out about the fuss and standardization of the matches produced by PT. Lintas Cindo Pratama, let us now discuss the products produced by PT. Lintas Cindo Pratama, including Fighter, Sonic, Terra, and Razor. This time we will discuss the products one by one so that readers can find out more about the products produced by PT. Lintas Cindo Pratama.

Lighters Gas Fighter Indonesia, a fighter is a brand of gas lighters made in Indonesia, with the Indonesian national standard (SNI), which targets the market for young people, men and professionals, with emphasis on comfort, safety, stability and performance, in use daily. As a gas lighter made in Indonesia, the Fighter has the principle of “Standard is not enough”, all of which are proven through a number of their products, by paying attention to every detail, for the convenience of each user.

1. Black Fighter

This product is one of the superior products because it has its own uniqueness. In addition to the odorless gas that sometimes destroys smokers’ tastes, this product has a special color pigment that does not yet exist in the world. belum ada didunia.

Korek Api Gas Fighter Indonesia - fighter black

Name Item   :  Fighter Black 123
Details          :  Brass base material
:  Metal Roll
:  Stone Lighter
:  Brass base material
Feature         :  Exlusive Black Color Gas
:  Solid and Durable
:  Odorless gas
:  Ergonomic
:  Stick Out until 3 minutes
:  transparent body
:  transparent body
Dimension   :  Width   : 1 cm
:  Height  : 7 cm
:  Lenght  : 2 cm

2. Fighter Windproof
This match is designed for mountainous and windy areas because it can ignite for 2 minutes in accordance with ISO standard requirements without damaging the spare parts inside.
Korek Api Gas Fighter Indonesia - Fighter Windproof
Name Item    :  Fighter Windproof
Details            :  Chrome Head material
:  Durable Plastic Colour Material
:  Extensive Gas Content
:  Refill Hole at bottom
Feature             :  Turbo Flame Mechanism
:  Perfectly suited to outdoor use
:  Solid material
:  Transparant Body
:  Easy Electric Switch
:  Odorless Gas
:   5 Color Option
Dimension    :  Width
:  Height
:  Lenght
3. Fighter Original
Fighter Original has a standard gas lighter product in Indonesia. Some of the colors we produce provide attractive choices to adjust the mood of consumers to use daily work.
Korek Api Gas Fighter Indonesia - Fighter Original
Name Item  :  Fighter Original
Details          :  Chrome base material
:  Chrome Roll
:  Stone Lighter
:  Gas Adjusment Switch
Feature        :  Exlusive Color Body
:  Solid and Durable
:  Odorless gas
:  Ergonomic
:  Stick Out until 3 minutes
:  Transparent body
:  White color gas
Dimension   :  Width : 1cm
:  Height : 7cm
:  Lenght : 2cm


If one of you wants to be part of the Fighter match distribution network, as a gas lighter made by Indonesia, it has now opened the opportunity to become an agent and retailer / retailer. For more information see below:


Requirements to become an agent:

Purchase a minimum of 25 cartons. (1000pcs / carton)
Payment of cash / transfer via account.
Fill in the complete data on the order form.
For agents outside the island the right to determine the desired expedition.
Franco Surabaya (shipping costs borne by the buyer) payment cash before delivery (before shipment)


Requirements to become a reseller:

Purchase a minimum of 1 carton or 1000 PC’s.
Payment of cash / transfer before delivery.
Delivery + 2-3 days after the transaction.
Special orders in the city of Surabaya are free of charge.
Fill in complete data.

For more information, please visit the Gas Fighter Indonesia Match. The information can be submitted by the author. Hopefully it is useful and adds to our insight into the diversity of products in Indonesia. We as Indonesians must love Indonesian products. Jaya and forward continued the Indonesian Gas Fighter Lighters.

PT. Lintas Cindo Pratama
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Tel: 031 77600749; 031 7484675
Fax: 031 7483079; 031 7497332
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