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mMn this time will share all the people who are familiar with the best quality products of Gas Fighter brand, which is one of the best brands of gas lighters from Indonesia.
Matches, Anyone knows with this one good item from young to old, even small children are often used for toys. in Indonesia with a very large population, the need for matches is certainly very significant. from various brands or brands that exist in Indonesia, one of which is Lighters Gas Fighter Indonesia.

Lighters Gas Fighter Indonesia are Products from PT. Lintas Cindo Pratama. PT. Lintas Cindo Pratama is a company engaged in trading gas lighters located in Surabaya. This company produces and sells various kinds of matches, such as stove lighters, gas lighters, coal lighters, and flashlight matches with brand or fighter brands.

Every match product that has been produced by PT. Lintas Cindo Pratama has uniqueness and advantages compared to other products, with strict quality control and good matches this has met the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) which means it is safe to use. Some patented brands are fighter, terra, razor and sonic. So the gas fighter matches are Indonesian-made gas lighters that have proven quality.

Below are some of the advantages of Indonesian Gas Fighter Lighters compared to other gas lighters in general:

Continuous product innovation, which is in accordance with market wants and needs
Some products that can be used for marketing activities of a brand, or branding activities.

– Printable
– Two color choices; black and white.

Better quality coals.
There are many choices of products at varied prices and very affordable.
Original gas lighters made in Indonesia.
Has received the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) certification.

For Standardized Quality Matches are:

  • The height of the fire must be more than 100mm for matches that have gas settings.
  • The volume is more than 85% of the volume capacity of the fuel tank.
  • The installed tank & seal cover must be safe to withstand gas leaks or at least not exceed 15mg / minute.
  • Matches must be able to hold the position falling + – 1.5m without causing the tank to break.
  • Able to withstand temperatures of 65 ° c for 4 hours.

For young people who are familiar with cigarette lighter gas lighters this can be a true friend that can be used at any time anytime and anywhere. so for housewives who do not have a gas stove or are still using stoves to cook rice matches can be used. Gas fighter matches can be used not only for smoking cigarettes and stoves, but can also be used as a marchendise, even as a promotional tool or media. so these matches are not only used to get fire.

This Indonesian gas fighter match is designed to hold down but also wind resistance, especially for the wind proof type. This gas lighter can be used in windy mountain areas because it can ignite for ± 2 minutes without damaging the spere parts in it.
Below are some pictures of Indonesian gas lighters type wind proof matches:
Wind proof gas fighter match type

About Us :

Every product we create has different uniqueness and advantages, with good quality control, and in accordance with the Indonesian National Standard (SNI).

PT. Lintas Cindo Pratama is engaged in specialized trading in gas lighters based in Surabaya. This company sells various kinds of lighters such as stove lighters, gas lighters, coal lighters and flashlight matches. The future is to lead to the creation of new types of lighters that will continue to innovate. PT. Lintas Cindo Pratama was established by Mr. John Herryanto with the aim of building bridges between countries starting from Indonesia with China and not closing the possibility to further expand networks with various countries.
PT. Lintas Cindo Pratama has several patented brands, including Fighter, Sonic, Terra, and Razor. Some of these products have obtained SNI and have met ISO standards.

Our History :

Our company was established in 2007, precisely in the fourth quarter where at that time our products from the Sonic brand were superior products because they had the quality and needed by consumers. Before the birth of the Sonic brand, we had the chance to sell matches with the Harbin brand. Low quality matches with very low prices. But because we are quality oriented and customer satisfaction, we create Sonic and Fighter as our superior products. The company strives to stay focused and innovate on product quality and customer service.

Maybe this is all I can share, more or less I apologize.

Thank you for reading the article on the best quality products in Indonesia from the types of matches. greetings

You Need To Know: Lighters Gas Fighter Indonesia, gas lighters products brand of fighter Indonesian original gas lighters made from Indonesia also have good quality and worth to be proud of and is the best gas lighter made in Indonesia that has the highest quality has been very tested and meets the sni standards.


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