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Hello everyone, still see News in This Blog. This time News in This Blog will share an article about Lighters Gas Fighter Indonesia. Come see the following article …

Does anyone know if it’s a match? Lighters (sometimes called geretan or pematik) are things that are used to make / light a fire. For the matter of matches, I suggest Lighters Gas Fighter Indonesia. Why so? Because fighter, is a brand of gas lighters made in Indonesia, with the Indonesian national standard (SNI), which targets the market for young people, men, and professionals, with emphasis on comfort, safety, stability and performance, in everyday use. As a gas lighter made in Indonesia, the Fighter has the principle of “Standard is not enough”, all of which are proven through a number of their products, by paying attention to every detail, for the convenience of each user. See the standpoint “Standard is not enough” means the match lighters exceed the standard matches, you know … cool right

As you know, many people (including me) always have a negative view of goods made in Indonesia, especially from the aspect of quality and design. Well, the Fighter is very excited to erase these negative views, through a number of products that they have produced so far. And this is what makes Fighter matches different, compared to gas lighters
in general, namely as follows:
• Continuous product innovation, which is in accordance with market wants and needs.
• Some products that can be used for marketing activities of a brand, or branding activities.
o Printable
o Two color choices; black and white.
• Better quality of coals.
• There are many choices of products, with varied prices and very affordable.
• Original gas lighters made in Indonesia.
• Has obtained SNI certification (Indonesian National Standard).

Ohh yeah, for comparison, I will tell you the standardization of quality matches
The height of the fire must be more than 100mm for matches that have gas settings.
The volume is more than 85% of the volume capacity of the fuel tank.
The installed tank & seal cover must be safe to withstand gas leaks or at least not exceed 15mg / minute.
Matches must be able to hold the position falling + – 1.5m without causing the tank to break.
Able to withstand temperatures of 65 ° c for 4 hours.

See, there are a lot of advantages if we use Indonesian Gas Fighter Matches that already meet the Indonesian National Standard (SNI). Become a sieve, start replacing your matches to a better match, which is Light Match Gas Fighter Indonesia. Eitts … Wait a minute, now I will explain about the company that manages the matches.

PT. Lintas Cindo Pratama is specialized in trading gas lighters based in Surabaya. This company sells various kinds of lighters such as stove lighters, gas lighters, coal lighters and flashlight matches. The future is to lead to the production of new types of lighters. PT. Lintas Cindo Pratama was founded by Mr. John Herryanto with the aim of building bridges between countries starting from Indonesia with China and not closing the possibility to further expand the network with various countries. PT. Lintas Cindo Pratama has several patented brands, including Fighter, Sonic, Terra, and Razor. Some of these products have obtained SNI and have met ISO standards.

How?? Is the company cool ?? Even more information … Their company was founded in 2007, precisely in the fourth quarter where at that time their product brand Sonic became a superior product because it has quality and needed by consumers. Before the birth of the Sonic brand, they had sold a match with the Harbin brand. Low quality lighters at very cheap prices. However, because they are oriented towards quality and customer satisfaction, they created Sonic and Fighter as their superior products. The company strives to stay focused and innovate on product quality and customer service.

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